Operation 51
(default setting/
DESCRIPTION (default setting/value)
Closed Caption Enable
Activates the function by selecting On when the selected input signal
carries closed captions.
Captions: An on-screen display of the dialogue, narration, and
sound effects of TV programs and videos that are closed captioned
(usually marked as "CC" in TV listings).
Set your screen aspect ratio to 4:3. This function is not available
when the aspect ratio is “16:9” or “Real”.
Caption Version
Selects a preferred closed captioning mode.
Monitor Out
Selecting On enables the function. The projector can output a VGA
signal when it is in standby mode and the COMPUTER 1 and
MONITOR OUT jacks are correctly connected to devices. See
"Connecting a monitor" on page 19 for how to make the connection.
Enabling this function slightly increases the standby power
The Standby Monitor Out only works when an appropriate D-
Sub input is made to the COMPUTER 1 jack.
Direct power
Selecting On enables the function. See "Starting up the projector" on
page 24 for details.
Reset All
Returns all settings to the factory preset values.
The following settings will still remain: Position, Phase, H. Size,
User 1, User 2, Language, Projector Position, High Altitude
Mode, Security Settings, Baud Rate.
5. SYSTEM SETUP: Advanced menu
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