Operation 31
Hiding the image
In order to draw the audience's full attention to the presenter, you can use ECO BLANK
on the projector or remote control to hide the screen image. When this function is
activated with an audio input connected, the audio can still be heard.
You can set the blank time in the SYSTEM SETUP: Basic > Operation Settings >
Blank Timer menu to let the projector return the image automatically after a period of
time when there is no action taken on the blank screen.
If the preset time spans are not suitable for your presentation, select Disable.
No matter Blank Timer is activated or not, you can press most of the keys on the
projector or remote control to restore the picture.
Do not block the projection lens from projecting as this could cause the blocking object to become heated and
deformed or even cause a fire.
Locking control keys
With the control keys on the projector locked, you can prevent your projector settings
from being changed accidentally (by children, for example). When the Panel Key Lock is
on, no control keys on the projector will operate except POWER.
1. Go to the SYSTEM SETUP: Basic > Panel Key Lock menu, and select On by
pressing / on the projector or remote control. A confirmation message
2. Highlight Ye s and press MODE/ENTER to confirm.
To release panel key lock, use the remote control to enter the SYSTEM SETUP:
Basic > Panel Key Lock menu and press / to select Off.
Keys on the remote control are still active when panel key lock is enabled.
If you turn off the projector without disabling panel key lock, the projector will still be in locked status the
next time it is turned on.
Operating in a high altitude environment
We recommend you use the High Altitude Mode when your environment is between
1500 m –3000 m above sea level, and ambient temperature is between 0°C–35°C.
Do not use the High Altitude Mode if your altitude is between 0 m and 1500 m and ambient temperature is
between 0°C and 35°C. The projector will be over cooled, if you turn the mode on under such a condition.
To activate the High Altitude Mode:
1. Press MENU/EXIT and then press / until the SYSTEM SETUP: Advanced
menu is highlighted.
2. Press to highlight High Altitude Mode and press / select On. A
confirmation message appears.
3. Highlight Ye s and press MODE/ENTER.
Operation under "High Altitude Mode" may cause a higher decibel operating noise level
because of increased fan speed necessary to improve overall system cooling and
If you use this projector under other extreme conditions excluding the above, it may
display auto shut-down symptoms, which is designed to protect your projector from over-
heating. In cases like this, you should switch to High Altitude mode to solve these
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